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What We Do and Don't Do

What we do.

We create relationship through:

  • a strength-based development approach
  • raising community awareness of the Value of caring for the disadvantaged to both the helped and the helper
  • introducing people with needs to the church and community
  • providing resources for churches to effectively and compassionately respond to benevolence requests and un-met needs
  • providing manageable opportunities for people to live out their faith
  • connecting like-minded people to create strategies to address the complex issues related to proverty

What we don't do.

We do not provide immediate cash assistance that does not address the underlying issues of those we serve.

We do not provide financial assistance without the creation of a relationship and the verification of need.


Here are the instructions we give to those seeking help.

Our bottom line is relationships.  We want to get acquainted with you and take time to learn about your situation.  For this reason we ask that if you need assistance or are interested in our programs, you call our phone line and leave a message.  We will return the call as promptly as possible at a time when we can spend quality time with you.  You may be scheduled to come in for an appointment after the initial contact.  We ask that you not walk in without an appointment as we do not have staff available to give you the attention you need.