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2016 Coach Connection Lunch Meetings (the first Tuesday of each month at 12:00 noon at Love Inc. offices at 1516 Business Loop 70 W


Jan. 5 – Speaker, Michael Carney from Mid-Missouri Legal Services

  Topic – Consumer Law and Payday Loans


Feb. 2 – Speaker, Aaron Harris, Clearinghouse Love INC

              Topic – Services offered at Love INC and Services Available in the Community


Mar. 1 – Speaker, Melody Seiger, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

               Topic – “Talk Saves Lives”; How to Spot the Warning Signs of Suicide


Apr. 5 – Speaker, Valarie Seyfert, RN, Experienced working with ex-offender returning home.

Topic – Review of Coming Home, a Guide for Those Receiving a Loved One Back from Prison or Jail


May 3 – Speaker, Jane Williams, Program Director, Love INC

              Topic – Review of The Entitlement Cure by John Townsend


June 7 – Speaker, Love INC Coaches,

  Topic – Coach Conversations – discussions with Love INC coaches (what works and what doesn’t).


July 5 – Bill Yarbrough, Spiritual Director of Midwest Mission to the World

              Topic – How to Guide People to Understanding their Quiet Place; Changing Thought Patterns.


Aug. 2 – Watching of The Pruitt-Igoe Myth, an Award winning and compelling film festival

favorite – an 83 minute film debunking myths surrounding the failed St Louis public housing project. If possible, plan on staying longer and eating lunch while watching.


Sept. 6 – Follow-up of The Pruitt-Igoe Myth video and information sharing about Boone County poverty issues.


Oct. 4 – TBD


Nov. 1 – TBD


Dec. 6 – TBD