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Love INC Services

Information and Referral - Resource information and referral help available are provided following interview.  The interviewer assists in discovering if and how we can assist.

Connection to Churches/Prayer
If you are looking for more friends or more support navigating the pressures of this life, we would love to facilitate a meaningful connection with a church that would be a good fit with your spiritual journey. Many local churches offer transportation and have support groups and programs that address specific needs/concerns. We also have volunteers who are available to pray with you over the phone or in your home.

Focused Coaching - Side by Side partners individuals with a trained volunteer who can provide individual coaching in one or more of the following areas:

  • Life Purpose
  • Job Search
  • Housing Search
  • Money Management

Extra Mile extended coaching - Extra Mile is a four-month personal coaching program focusing on finances.  Individuals meet weekly with a volunteer coach and focus on developing effective money management habits. Weekly incentives are available. 

The Love Seat Furniture/ Clothing Ministry and Resale Store
Free items are provided to those in crisis or transition following referral from local agency or church.  Low cost items are made available through our Resale Store.

Other Individual Needs
Love INC is a volunteer and donation driven organization. Financial assistance is available on a very limited basis and offered only in conjunction with participation in other Love INC programs. 


For more information, please call Love INC of Columbia at 573-256-7662.