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Furniture Referral Old

Please note that not all clients are eligible to receive furniture and we do require a home visit by the referral church or agency to verify the need for items that are requested. It is important that you visit the home after the client has moved in (we may make an exception if the client was living in a homeless shelter). Also, we only provide basic furniture. For example: Living room = couch and bedroom = bed and dresser. We reserve the right to adjust the furniture requested to meet our basic furniture guidelines.  At times we may be able to help with kitchen ware such as plates, cups, etc. and household items such as towels, bedding, etc. Please feel free to add those items to the request form.

Here are our eligibility requirements for furniture assistance:
·         Must be a Columbia resident
·         Only provide furniture once in a lifetime (unless the church or agency can verify that there has been a disaster or other dire situation that was beyond the client’s control)
·         In the past 3 months the client must have had one of the following situations:
1.       Lost all possessions due to either house fire, flood or some kind of disaster
2.       Had a homeless situation, such as lived in a hotel, transitional housing unit, homeless on the streets or a domestic violence shelter
3.       Aged out of foster care
4.       Transitioned to the community from incarceration or as a refugee, or
5.       If the referral person believes this is a dire situation and can do a home visit we may consider providing furniture, depending on the availability of furniture.
Here is a list of important information that all referral churches and agencies must know:
1.       The client requesting the furniture MUST be present when the delivery crew delivers the furniture.
2.       Clients are not allowed to pick out the furniture they request. The warehouse crew will pick out the furniture. We work to provide good quality furniture that is donated to us.
3.       The referral agency or church must be the one to fill out the Furniture Request Application. We will not accept requests filled out by the client or faxed by the client.
4.       We are not able to accommodate requests for furniture with certain color schemes or matching items. If we have matching items we will provide them but that is rarely the case.
5.       We will not deliver furniture to the front porch, yard or garage. The client MUST have the residence ready to receive the furniture.
6.       If the client or family members are physically able the delivery crew may ask for assistance with unloading and carrying the furniture into the home.
7.       If the delivery crew arrives and they find that the family already has the furniture items that they requested they may decide to not leave the requested furniture at the home. Therefore, if the client has rental furniture they need to let you know that during the intake and do everything they can to have the rental company pick that up before our delivery crew arrives.
8.       Clients who need furniture due to pest infestation need to have a letter from a professional (doctor, nurse, landlord, pest control, health department) verifying that they did have a pest infestation. If they did have a pest infestation and it is verified we will only help with the furniture that was affected by the pests (cloth furniture and beds).
9.       Please let your client know that if we arrive with furniture and they deny the furniture because they do not like the color or style we will report that to you. Also, if a client refuses furniture we will not return with different items that suits their taste.
10.   It is also important to note that we do not do replacement furniture. For example, if someone has a couch but it isn’t in good shape and they want another couch we are not able to help with that kind of request.
11.    Once we process the intake at our administrative offices it is sent to our furniture warehouse and once the intake is sent to them we can no longer make additions to their requests.
12.   All information on the Furniture Request Application must be provided or we cannot process the request.
13.   We do not have baby furniture (cribs, car seats, strollers, etc.) at our warehouse. If the client needs baby items they need to call us at the Love INC office at 573-256-7662 and press option 3 and leave a message. We will return their call as soon as we are able and do a phone intake with them to try and assist them with those items.
14.   Please do not give out copies of our Furniture Request Application. These forms are only for the referral church or agency.
15.   Please always be sure to check our website at  to make sure you are using the most updated Furniture Request Application.  You will need a password to access that document. Please call or email me for the password.
When the warehouse is able to fill the furniture order they will contact the client to set up a delivery time. All deliveries are subject to The Love Seat Delivery Policy. This process can take up to 3 weeks and depending on the request it could be even longer. We are not able to give priority to certain clients or put a rush on a request. We depend totally upon donations from the community and may not have the items that are requested. If your client does not hear from the warehouse within those 3 weeks they can call the warehouse at 573-303-6198 to check on their furniture request status.
After you complete the furniture request form you can fax it to me at 573-256-7665. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at
We are honored to be able to serve the Columbia community by offering our free furniture bank and delivery service. We appreciate your referrals and thank you for your attention to our policy.
Kelly Jackson, LMSW
Clearinghouse Coordinator

Download the furniture referral form (for caseworkers and pastors only - not for clients)