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Furniture Referral

Love INC Furniture Bank Policy and Eligibility


Ple  Please note that not all clients are eligible to receive furniture and we do require a home visit by the referral church or agency to verify the need for items that are requested. It is important that you visit the home after the client has moved in (we may make an exception if the client was living in a homeless shelter). Also, we only provide basic furniture. For example: Living room = couch, bedroom = bed. We reserve the right to adjust the furniture requested to meet our basic furniture guidelines. We fulfill Furniture Bank requests based upon the items available at The Love Seat. We cannot guarantee all items requested will be received.


Eligibility requirements:
·         - Must be a Columbia resident
·         - Must not have received furniture from Love INC previously (once in a lifetime unless the church or agency can verify that there has been a disaster or other dire situation that was beyond the client’s control)
·         - Must have experienced one of the following situations in the previous three months:
1.       Loss of all possessions due to either house fire, flood or other disaster
2.       Homelessness (lived on the streets, or in a hotel, transitional housing unit or domestic violence shelter)
3.       Aged out of foster care
4.       Transition to the community from incarceration or as a refugee
5.       Other dire situation agreed upon by Love INC
Step-by-Step Process for Referring Clients for Furniture


1. Read through the Love INC Furniture Bank Policy and Eligibility requirements (above). Please note that furniture is provided free, but we do charge a $35.00 fee for delivery.

2. Contact Love INC to obtain password to access the online application forms. 

Call: (573) 256-7662 (leave a message on line 2)

Email:, OR

Fax: (573) 256-7665

3. Read through the Furniture Recipient Checklist with your client and have them check each box if they understand it. Have them sign and date it. If you are completing the forms online, a typed name is acceptable.

4. Fill out the Furniture Request Application at the link below. Before submitting an online application, we recommend you print it for your records.


Steps for Eligible Clients to Receive Furniture


1. If Love INC determines that the client is eligible, a Furniture Bank Voucher will be emailed or faxed to the referral church or agency.

2. The voucher is redeemable ONLY on the dates and times specified on the voucher. The client must bring a photo ID or be accompanied by the referral representative.

3. If the client opts for delivery, they must pay the $35.00 delivery fee at The Love Seat at the same time they redeem their voucher.

4. Upon arrival at The Love Seat, clients must notify staff that they have a Furniture Bank voucher and will be directed to available items.

Fill in the Client Check List below to submit via this website.


Fill in the Furniture Referral form below to submit via this website

Pay Delivery Fee through PayPal